Our Resources

CAS Ad has grown from a two-man company to more than forty-man strong. We work six days a week, and very often on Sunday as well. Our people have strong dedication and will work hard to deliver within deadlines. We have the resources to take on projects of substantial size.

Our company has two main divisions: Office and Production. The office has Accounting, Admin, Design, Sales, Qualty and Project Management. The production comprises of Installation, Steel, Aluminium & Stainless-Steel, Plastic & Sign, LED & Neon, Routing, Carpentry, and Spray-Painting.

production floor

List of Equipment

  1. 135-ton LVD press brake machine
  2. 3100mm SGE shearing machine
  3. 80-ton GEKA iron worker
  4. Large format inkjet printer
  5. 3-kW CNC router
  6. 52 vinyl plotters
  7. TIG and MIG welders
  8. Section and Plate benders
  9. Carpentry tools
  10. Chemical Etching facility
  11. Spray painting chamber
  12. Sand blasting booth

Other Resources

Production Area 12,000 sqft
Total Employees >40 people
Total Production >30 people
Lorries >2
Forklift 1
Computer Graphics >5 workstations
Genuine Software Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop